Kori Hoffman

loves long walks on the beach and wants to hear all about your story.

oh, not that kind of get to know me.... (smiles - oh, right I am a professional)

I have a unique skill set that gifts me with a one of a kind ability to capture the essence of people. I have been a photographer and brand consultant for over 13 years, and before that I was a therapist, which gives me an added skill set in relating, seeing and capturing people. Whether it is a portrait session or a corporate branding session, I am here to create with you. It is you and your unique world through my lens, so together we are creators of imagery that will propel you authentically further into your story. I care about you, your goals, your gifts and your talents. My desire is to capture you and the spirit and agency that only will happen through our mutual chemistry and creative vision.

you are my next collaboration

my next muse


Jessie & Ryan


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